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Restoring your child’s natural tooth holds prime importance because, it holds your child’s dental future. The objective of a restorative treatment is to:

  • Repair or limit the damage of dental cavities.
  • Protect and preserve the remaining the pulp and remaining tooth structure.
  • Ensure adequate function.
  • preserve aesthetics for permanent teeth
  • Provide ease in maintaining good oral hygiene.

Restoring primary teeth also ensures that the natural spaces in the child’s
primary dentition are retained for the developing permanent teeth.

We at Al Sawai provide our little patients with a range of materials to opt from, depending on the extent to which their tooth is damaged. Our dentists are efficient and experienced enough to identify the area of problem and treat our little patients. We are one one of the best medical centres in Oman. You can book an appointment or visit us directly at our hospital for a consult.