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A removable partial denture is a type of denture that is used in replacing missing teeth. This type of denture could be removed as per the convenience of the patient. Partial dentures are generally used when the patient has only a few teeth missing. They could also be removed from time to time as per the preference of the patient.

How do Removable Partial Dentures work?

These types of dentures are used mostly to correct gaps created by few missing teeth. During the procedure, the partial dentures are fastened to the natural teeth and make use of metal attachments. These type of dentures are useful in maintaining tooth alignment as they tend to prevent natural teeth from any harsh shifting. Some of the most common types of removable partial dentures include acrylic, valplast and cast metal among others. ‘

At Al Sawai Medical Centre, we have the best Orthodontics to provide each patient with the most appropriate, yet comprehensive solutions when it comes to removable partial dentures. We have the much-needed technology to create the most accurate of dentures based on the design each patient might require, with utmost precision and attention to detail. Removable dentures are usually portable in nature, and a patient can remove those at any given time as per their convenience without them causing any trouble to their dental health.

Some of the benefits of removable partial dentures are –
  • Replaces single or multiple missing teeth
  • Dentures that could be removed as per the patient’s convenience.
  • Less time in preparing them as well as reduced time to place them.
  • Affordable compared to permanent dentures.
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Avoids the need to have a surgery to have them.
  • Does not damage surrounding teeth and does not have any dependency during preparation on the surrounding teeth.

At Al Sawai Medical Centre, we are just the best dental hospital for removable partial dentures. We have the best orthodontics specialists and a well-supported staff to take care dental needs of all varieties for patients.