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A post and core is a prosthetic anchor-like structure which is used when there is not enough tooth structure remaining to support a traditional restoration or an artificial crown. The post goes inside the root canal which is why the combination of a post and core can only be made for a tooth that has had root canal treatment.

The prosthetic structure consists of two parts,

The post, which is a small rod, usually made of metal, which is inserted into the root space of the tooth. The post is a support structure, like an anchor to hold the core or a filling in place.

The core replaces the missing tooth structure in preparation for making a new dental crown. A dental core can be directly built up from composite materials and does not always have to be made with a post. It can very well function individually.

In the case of root canals, the core is generally made of metal alloys and hence its known as post and core.

There are two kinds of post and cores:

  • Prefabricated post and core: these are ready made posts that just need to be fit in your crown.
  • Cast post and core: These are used when a prefabricated post doesn’t fit the post space, they are custom made, one-piece units that are made at the dental laboratory.

We at Al Sawai, provide the service of building up a one unit core and post structure for an individualistic approach to your suffering. You can book an appointment or visit us directly at our hospital for a consult.