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The Orthodontics department’s primary purpose is to solve issues with teeth alignment and overcrowdedness, and metal braces are one of our best available treatment options for patients seeking orthodontic treatment.

While technology has helped immensely in changing the entire picture of dental sciences, braces are still one of those elements that tends to be more effective when it’s done in the traditional way. At Al Sawai, we take pride in being experts in both the traditional and modern approach to dentistry.

Metal Braces

Metal Braces consist of small metal brackets that are attached to individual teeth with a wire connection keeping them together, These are designed in a way o slowly guide the teeth to come into the correct position as it tends to gently push by applying the minutes of pressure from the small elastic bands the design comes with. The idea behind metal braces is to put the teeth in the desired position in a slow, arduous treatment procedure.

Metal Braces, however, are suitable for most people, and at AL Sawai Medical Centre, we first diagnose the problem in the patient, and as per the suggestion of our esteemed orthodontists, we recommend the right variety of braces.

Benefits of Metal Braces
  • Highly effective orthodontic treatment for the extended future.
  • Smaller brackets that make the braces comfortable to wear
  • The gradual movements of the teeth are known to reduce pain
  • Highly affordable
  • Multiple options, customizable.