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Al Sawai Medical Centre is one of the best dental hospitals in Oman because of the fact that we are always looking for the best, new and most innovative treatments to help our patients with options. As a part of our Orthodontic department, braces are one of the most commonly pursued treatments, with many patients needing one at different ages.

One of the different kind of braces from the conventional metal and the new age ceramic ones, there is the Self-ligating braces.

Self Ligating Braces are not very different from conventional braces and are also placed in the same way as the standard version. The difference, however, is that these braces have no ligature, meaning no elastic or rubber bands or metal ties are needed in this type. Instead, orthodontics make use of individual clips or brackets, which are used to aid the archwire to help move your teeth into the right place. These clips are known to allow more freedom to tooth movement and in the process reduces on the discomfort levels which are heavily associated with conventional or metal braces. In the case there is indeed some discomfort, the orthodontist will only have to make simple adjustments to those clips to ease away the problem.

Self-ligating braces come in two kinds –

Passive Braces

These, when placed, use a smaller size of the archwire, meaning the smaller the archwire the less friction the patient experiences. It allows the teeth to move more freely.

Active Braces

Active Braces come with a much thicker archwire and is known to deliver more pressure onto the teeth. Due to this characteristic, the teeth move more efficiently to where they are supposed to be.