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Fluoride slows down the process of tooth decaying by increasing the rate of enamel mineralization. Mineralization is the process in which essential minerals, that harden the enamel, are supplied externally through fluoride application, after loss of minerals caused due to acid erosion.

Acids from food consumption, and acids created as a by-product of streptococcus mutans that feed on carbohydrates in your mouth, contribute to this erosion.

The process involves application of fluoride that is placed in a disposable tray and kept in the mouth for a specific period of time, or through a varnish applied directly to the teeth.

We at Al Sawai administer topical fluoride by three different methods,

  • Application of fluoride solution by applying on the teeth with a cotton tip applicator.
  • Concentrated fluoride rinse.
  • Tray technique is used to apply fluoride gels.

The procedure is recommended for children, to be done twice a year to prevent tooth decay, but many adults too have benefitted from it and we encourage our patients to get it done for their children as per recommendation to avoid problems of tooth decay in the future. To make your smile brighter is what we aim at, at Al Sawai. You can book an appointment or visit us directly at our hospital for a consult.