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Dentures are a replacement for missing teeth, and many opt to go with a procedure to correct their smile and rid of the missing parts of their dental line and enhance their overall facial appearance. Dentures are supposed to be made out of sturdy materials that could withstand robust activities inside the mouth for years and hence have a durable nature and a long lasting lifetime. There are different kinds of dentures available at Al Sawai Medical Centre, and the choice depends on the patient and their requirement, as suggested by the preceding dentist. Among the many kinds of dentures, the Flexible partial denture is one kind.

What are flexible partial dentures?

Popularly known as only flexible dentures, these fall under the partial denture category. These dentures are made of different materials than the ones used in making conventional partial dentures, hence the separate classification. At Al Sawai Medical Centre, we make flexible partial dentures using thermoplastic materials such as nylon as opposed to the acrylic materials used in full dentures for they provide more rigidness.

Benefits of Flexible Partial Dentures
  • Better fit and comfort
  • Removable
  • Non-metal components
  • More natural feel and look.
  • Comfort in flexibility
Maintenance of Flexible partial dentures

At Al Sawai Medical Centre we also provide with the complete know-how on how to maintain your flexible partial dentures, with individual routines in place to clean them periodically. Our process in the maintenance of flexible partial dentures involve using denture cleanser solution, then brush them clean and rid them of all debris or particle stuck within. Finally, we tend to clean the dentures with water and remove all possible residue of the cleaning solution that might be held with it.

Our dental professionals will provide all the necessary information that a patient would need to know on the maintenance of their flexible partial dentures.