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Dental bridges are fixed or partial dentures that are mainly one of the top solutions to replace missing teeth, fractured tooth or cover missing space. Problems like these tend to make your smile unattractive at best, but also signify a bill of ill health.

Dental bridges give a complete look to your dental line as well as enhances appearances from the ones before with missing or broken teeth. Due to the missing teeth, patients often can’t chew or speak properly, and dental bridges take care of that problem as well.

Dental bridges come in many varieties, but the correct option is derived by the dentist on the complete analysis of your dental health and what it may require. The standard most type is the porcelain fused to metal bridges, consisting of two crowns that go over the anchoring teeth. This type of crown provides the much-required stability and strength to the patient’s teeth.

What are the reasons to go for a fixed / partial dental bridge?
  • To maintain facial appearance
  • To cover up missing teeth
  • To prevent teeth from drifting out of its present shape or position.
  • to restore speaking and chewing ability
  • It could also act as an upgrade from a current denture that might be wearing off.

At Al Sawai Medical Centre we have the best in class facilities and top order technology to provide the best dentures, partial or fixed.