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Al Sawai Medical Centre has been in touch with the changing trends of the technological world as well as in the field of dental sciences. With our sole aim is being able to provide with the best dental care and treatments to all our patients, we understood the need to embrace the best of technology as a process to fulfil our goal.

We believe, dental technology adds to the improvement of the practice of dentistry. It combines the spark and much-needed accuracy in the various treatments and measures taken to ensure a good bill of dental health. Similarly, we have moved on from the conventional practices involved with X-rays and entered a more sophisticated, yet simple digital world for X-rays and radiology in general.

Digital Dental X-Rays

Despite the introduction of digital X-rays, the process of performing the procedure still remains a physical one. The difference, however, is the efficiency and the more accurate imaging of the dental line. The digital sensor is an electronic one, and the rest of the process is highly computerised to gain total accuracy of the diagnosis of the existing problem.

Benefits of Digital X-rays
  • Less Radiation
  • Clear imaging projected on a screen
  • Higher quality of images
  • Easily transferrable using a digital copy
  • Environmentally friendly option

At Al Sawai Medical Centre, our Digital X-Ray technology emits 90% less radiation than conventional methods. With the best in class support staff and technical personnel, we aim to provide with the best radiology diagnosis for our patients, and the introduction of digital x-rays is just the tip of the iceberg.