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Ceramic fillings are a type of prosthesis that lie somewhere between fillings and dental crowns which are used to rebuild the tooth and are an excellent alternative to the classic crown. Ceramic fillings are primarily used for the premolars and molars.

While the white fillings like porcelain and composite are modeled into the mouth, ceramic fillings are modeled in our dental laboratory, and are then cemented on the tooth.

There are three kinds of ceramic fillings that are used based on the damage that your tooth has suffered and the area that it has suffered in which needs treatment.

  • Inlays: Inlays cover the centre of your tooth and are positioned within the hard tissues of the tooth. Inlays don’t cover the cusps or the edges of the teeth, they are just for the second half of your teeth.
  • Onlays: Onlays cover a larger area, they replace the internally damaged tooth as well as the cusps. Hence, they are positioned inside the deep tissues as well ass the biting surface of the tooth.This protects the damaged tooth from direct chewing load.
  • Overlays: Overlays cover a larger portion of the biting surface, covering two or more cusps.

If non-invasive procedures with excellent cosmetic results is what you are looking for, ceramic fillings inlay, onlay and overlay are a perfect solution for you. The aesthetic results obtained through them, are of the highest standard and belong to the top of contemporary dentistry.

We at Al Sawai are happy to offer you this service with utmost care and precision. You can book an appointment or visit us directly at our hospital for a consult.