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A denture is a removable plate, consisting of a frame holding one or more artificial teeth, which would have been used to replace some of the missing teeth in its place. Similarly, Cast partial dentures are dentures of the removable kind, which consists of a cast metal framework to contain specific artificial teeth set in acrylic resin.

The partial cast dentures are different from the standard acrylic denture, with the partial cast dentures being much more stronger, durable and retentive. Cast Partial dentures come at a premium price and are more time consuming; however, we at Al Sawai Medical Centre use them to provide with the best of results for the patient. These dentures are customisable and come designed for specific individuals based on their dental requirements.

Advantages of cast partial dentures
  • Minimises tissue change.
  • Reduces the need to of realigning and rebasing the denture
  • Improved biting stress
  • As the denture moves, it has a massaging effect on the underlying bone and soft tissue.
  • Requires minimal retention
  • Balances the bite
  • Provides ample support for the lips and cheeks
  • Eliminates tipping strain on the teeth
  • Prevents teeth shifting
  • Eliminates the tipping stress on the teeth.
  • Prevents the teeth from shifting.